Accelerating ECOstyle's Digital Strategy with Driving Month on Month Growth with Marketplaces

"Incubeta’s marketplace team always had a clear plan for us and worked in a professional and fast manner to improve the content of our entire range. Based on their knowledge of the platform, they have done this well and quickly, with good listings and a growing turnover as a result."
Robert de Ruijter
Product Owner Digital Experience


ECOstyle is a Dutch brand that specializes in the development and marketing of ecologically responsible products for soil and plants (e.g., fertilizers, repellents), both for private and professional use. They’ve been an Incubeta (marketplaces) client since November, 2021. 

In 2022, ECOstyle launched a new digital strategy to grow their business in Europe. This involved increasing their ecommerce investments, particularly on As a Dutch brand, launching and growing on the country’s number one marketplace platform was a logical step forward. ECOstyle leaned on our team’s expertise to successfully launch and grow on the marketplace. 



We started our process by onboarding ECOstyle with the basics of For example, we guided them through the dashboard environment and how to handle different scenarios such as strikes, customer questions, and more. 

Planning and Prioritization 

Due to ECOstyle’s wide range of products and categories, we worked with them closely to plan around the right priorities. 

As part of our planning, we also conducted a ‘product potential scan’, where we analyzed their product range against the market environment, including where the best opportunities were for specific products and categories. 

Product Information Management (PIM)

 Product Information Management or PIM is the process of managing and centralizing the data and assets that brands need to successfully market and sell their products. 

Before our collaboration with ECOstyle, they did not have a PIM system in place, which was one of their biggest roadblocks to growth.

Based on the priorities we had agreed on, we decided to develop a PIM system for ECOstyle. We began this by collecting images and videos from various sources such as their website, internal database, and third-party websites. 

Slowly, we were able to generate a complete set of data for each product, building out a proper PIM system for ECOstyle. 

Content Optimization

Once we had successfully set-up the PIM system, we could properly optimize all of ECOstyle’s marketplace content.  By gathering insights on search behavior and keywords relevant to the brand, we were able to improve ECOstyle’s content and SEO significantly, as well as their product categorization (i.e., ensuring product groups are set-up correctly to increase cross-sell and upsell opportunities). 

Advertising and Monitoring

Aside from set-up and content optimization, we also used our research and data insights to drive effective advertising. Our team set up a total of 43 ad campaigns (17 automatic with manual bidding, 26 manual). 

These campaigns made use of the different targeting methods available on, increasing sales and engagement across the board.

By closely monitoring these campaigns, our team was also able to make continuous improvements over time, specifically by:

  • Ensuring all products from the same category are in the same campaign
  • Reducing wasted ad spend by filtering negative keywords 
  • Increasing visibility by upping bids on high-performing keywords
  • Providing ECOstyle with clear campaign and product overviews by creating an ad grid

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