Accelerating Sales on Amazon Driving Brand Awareness for Design Letters

"Incubeta has helped us restructure and accelerate our advertising strategy and activities. It has resulted in high sales growth at a lower cost (Acos). Monthly reviews with Incubeta helps us to focus on the right activities and keep track of new opportunities on Amazon”
Design Letters


On Amazon, Design Letters have a seller and vendor account, which contains beautiful content to inspire the consumer including product pages and a brand store. Design Letters wanted to accelerate their sales on Amazon by increase the awareness to the brand and get more relevant traffic to their product pages and brand store.


Incubeta took over the advertising in the seller account, analyzing the existing advertising activities and running a keyword research to get a richer set of keyword data. With the new collected keywords, the test phase could start.

We then implemented a new campaign structure: to test different campaign strategies, identify best performance tactics and accelerate these. From here we aligned the advertising activities closely with the brand store activities to increase efficiency in the sponsored campaigns

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