Driving Digital Footfall Creating a Display Strategy for Bathstore


Bathstore is the UK’s largest bathroom retailer with a network of 173 stores across the country. Incubeta was tasked with creating an online display advertising strategy that would attract new customers and expand the audience remarketing list. 

Our goals were to create an online display strategy, boost customer footfall and expand the audience retargeting list.


We started by excluding any previously cookied individuals, only targeting new prospects. From here he devised an online display strategy that focused on targeting the top of the funnel and middle of the funnel consumers. The top funnel strategy used look-a-like modeling based on current customer data. The middle of the funnel approach focused on 4 different targeting strategies: the use of 3rd party data layers, contextual alignment, category targeting, and Private Marketplaces.

We then implemented a creative strategy; creatives were synced with Bathstore’s trading and events calendar to make messaging more compelling

Finally, we completed a 6-week creative split test, where messaging effectiveness, comparing sales, emotive and mixed creative messaging were analyzed.

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