Boosting Brand Visibility Maximizing Potential with Incubeta


Christies Direct was established in 1992 and is one of the leading Dog Grooming Suppliers in the world. Covid-19 took its toll on businesses across the globe, creating both unprecedented challenges and opportunities for some sub-sectors of the retail industry. 

With social restrictions and limitations, dog owners had to take matters into their own hands, and as the second largest dog grooming supplies company in the world, the demand for Christies Direct increased fourfold. Incubeta was tasked with developing a strategy to capitalize on this opportunity – ensuring that their Shopping Strategy was not only efficient but maximized their potential in what would become a very saturated space. 

Christie’s Direct wanted to maximize potential, drive performance, bypass competitors and boost brand visibility.


We used the initial four weeks to collect essential data & implement learnings to inform campaign effectiveness. By doing this we identified product visibility as a key insight – understanding the best performing products meant we got an idea of top converting search terms.

Based on this data, we employed Search Term Optimization techniques to ensure we were aggressively pushing the highly converting search terms, to increase the likelihood of conversions.

From here we ensured that the campaigns were split out in a way that allowed us to target the right people at the right time. Subdivided products by category/brand to enable us to selectively scale up the better performing category/brand amongst customers.

Using insights from historical data we utilized location targeting, identifying key cities (UK) where our ads were converting, cities where there was interest but no conversions, and cities that generated very low/no interest. We then implemented these findings into the campaigns through location modifiers, to aggressively push our bids by a certain percentage in cities with the highest CR’s.

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