Delivering Incrementality for Superdrug Driving Total Search Growth with Seamless Search


Superdrug wanted to know how much incremental value their paid search activity was driving on keywords where they also saw strong organic traffic. As well as how this varied by keyword/ device and how it changed over time given competition and website performance changes. Additionally they wanted to identify how they should approach paid search bid management to achieve optimum returns.


Superdrug used Incubeta’s in-house search management platform Seamless Search for this campaign. 

Seamless Search pulled keyword level data from Google Ads and Search Console, modelling a picture of total revenue by keyword achieved and then, through a bespoke ML model, automated paid bidding decisions to maximize ‘Total Search’ incremental revenues given a search terms organic position.

Superdrug is now able to monitor the performance of their total search activity within the Seamless Search interface. To understand the value of the bid changes applied by the Seamless Search platform, an A/B testing feature was built to see how performance of a control group, not managed by the platform, would compare.

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