Driving Conversions for Brabantia High End Content Production

"Working with the team at Incubeta was easy and hassle free, they walked us through their process and provided us with a comprehensive and cost effective solution for our budget and timeframe."


Brabantia tasked Incubeta with helping them stand out as a high-quality brand in an online shopping environment. Focusing on two markets: Germany and the United Kingdom.

The key question was ‘In which way can Brabantia accommodate and service customers better with preferred content?’ Aiming to drive conversion.


Incubeta advised Brabantia to extend & optimize the content for the product detail pages (below the fold). The existing content was already from a high standard: by optimizing the content, it would better match Brabantia as a premium brand. This would influence the (potential) customers and resulting in a higher conversion ratio.

Incubeta produced high-end content

The new made content for the product detail pages (below the fold):

  • Interactive: images on the product pages have interactive features
  • More visuals: In-use images added, which made a big difference
  • Videos were added
  • The overall presentation of the products was made more exclusive, meeting the brand’s premium look & feel
  • SEO was optimized and new keywords were added
  • Incubeta optimized the overall navigation on the product pages (below the fold)

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