Driving Market Share and Brand Loyalty on Amazon Relaunching Ancient + Brave on Amazon

“From our initial conversations to the execution of our Amazon strategy, the level of expertise and commitment from the team was evident.
What stood out was not just the results, which were impressive, but the process of getting there. The team's willingness to understand our brand.”
Lara Petruccelli
Marketing Director


Our KPIs for the launch were:

  • Growth in revenue and visibility, while managing profitability
  • Maintaining brand awareness
  • Testing and learning through advertising to fine-tune the strategy

To achieve this, we employed a branding-first approach, incorporating bespoke content creation and an in-depth Brand Store structure to showcase product details at the same level as the DTC website.


Our strategy was as such:

Content creation and implementation for PDPs, A+ Content, and Brand Store. This included bespoke content created for A+ Content and Brand Store by Incubeta. We adjusted content based on customer reviews, utilizing ChatGPT to provide insights on key concerns and highlighted benefits. Best-practice  Amazon 


We ran a sponsored Ads strategy, building and implementing across Sponsored Product, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brand campaign types. Creating and implementing promotional strategies for key Amazon discount events. 

We also did tock management support and forecasting, SEO/Keyword research and implementation to optimize organic ranking, and integration into Pacvue to combine manual optimization with machine learning for advertising.

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