Expanding & Growing Ecommerce Sales For Delta Cafés Optimizing Via Amazon Marketplace


Based on a previous study, it became apparent that the Seller account of Delta Cafés in Amazon Spain needed some changes to improve its brand performance.

Recognizing that consumers research products such as “food and beverages”, and in particular coffee online, it was important for us to work on Delta Cafés brand strategy and positioning through good content implementation on Amazon.


We took control of the Delta Cafés seller account for Amazon Spain and began with our strategy. Optimizing content for more than 35 product pages, and focusing on three key areas:

  • Implementing A+ Content: This has allowed Delta to be able to tell good stories about their products, highlight their unique selling points, create a better understanding of their products and increase traffic, reviews rate and overall sales of the products.
  • Building good product detail pages: This has helped enhance customer experience, drive brand engagement on the Store, accelerate sales on Amazon and position Delta Cafés as a premium brand.
  • Defining an advertising strategy: This allowed us to dynamize product sales and reach appropriate audiences in each part of the sales funnel on and off Amazon.

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