Expanding Valyria Home's Global Presence through Amazon Enhancing Performance with Advertising and SEO Positioning

“Thanks to Incubeta, we have succeeded in growing and boosting our business on Amazon. Their support, knowledge, and commitment to our account’s growth has been key to the success of our internationalization. They have become a key partner for us.”
Manuel Barrio
Co-founder, Valyria Home


Valyria Home decided to internationalize and launch its brand on Amazon, opening its first platform in the Spanish market in March 2023.

To achieve this, Incubeta completed the full optimization of their catalog and created extended content, including a Brand Store, Brand Story, and A+ Content.

Valyria Home aims to meet the growing demand for high-quality and well-designed artificial plant products in Spain, with a clear long-term vision to expand its presence throughout Europe.


The key to the success of our strategy was the utilization of SEO positioning and the implementation of effective advertising campaigns.

In just three months from the publication of their catalog and the launch of advertising campaigns on their account, Valyria Home achieved a significant increase in revenue, escalating from 0€ to 17,471€ with a total ROAS of 18.2. With the advertising strategy, segmenting both relevant keywords and products, we succeeded in increasing brand awareness with over 3.2 million impressions and 8,897 clicks.

Valyria Home emerged as the second most relevant brand in paid advertising and the eighth in organic results, achieving a total market share of 4.49% and establishing itself as the fourth most relevant brand in its category. Moreover, the brand attained the first position in organic searches 15.82% of the time and led the ranking of brands that positioned themselves among the top six organically, achieving this 12.26% of the time.

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