Exploring New Markets Boosting Brand Awareness for FatFace


FatFace is an international fashion brand who were trying to grow their US presence. At that time their store presence was confined to the North East, and they had committed very little to growing digitally.

Launching a brand in a new market, particularly in the US is no easy feat. Brand awareness is at a low, and their small digital marketing team is based in the UK. Incubeta was tasked with developing a better understand of the behavior of the US consumer, and how best to talk to them. 

FatFace wanted to increase both site visits and CTR using Display, ensuring that awareness was leading to site traffic.


With this being a test campaign, the budget was limited and therefore we needed to plan strategically to get the most out of it. We decided to focus on our target audiences in order to keep to budget constraints.

Our targeting strategy was highly nuanced, using multiple facets in order to hit the key demographic. Geographic targeting allowed us to focus in on the North East of the US, to match where the physical stores were based. Contextual targeting, based on our top performing search keywords, proved to be our top performing strategy. To reach women, we layered a number of different segments in order to be even more specific.

We used demographic targeting to focus in on women as the core demographic. We also used in-market audiences for women’s fashion, as we knew they are interested in FatFace’s products, as well as using custom affinity audiences from their competitors. 

From here, we targeted heavy users of family, as customers in this group is most commonly made up of women.

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