Google App Campaigns Driving In-App Revenue for Qustodio


Qustodio develops leading parental control software solutions for families worldwide and is looking to increase user acquisition efforts through the app landscape. Following great success on Apple Search Ads and accompanied by an influx in app usage driven by changing consumer trends as a result of Covid-19, it only makes sense to continue to invest in app marketing channels. Qustodio’s main objective for Incubeta was to grow Google App Campaigns efficiently and within their cost per acquisition targets focusing on revenue driving in-app events.  


We started by testing tCPA campaigns for Android moving away from the existing tCPI campaigns. We optimized towards in-app actions (first_login event) which allowed us to focus on higher quality users who were more likely to engage with the app and create an account.

Adhering to App campaigns creative asset best practices, we supported Qustodio with creative recommendations to build new assets around unique app features such as ‘family locator’ and ‘social media monitoring’. From here we continuously reviewed asset performance and strategic actions taken to ensure we maximized placement opportunities across all Google properties.

We also created new ad groups for promotional assets and tailored the bid strategy to push aggressively during sale periods. We launched both English and Spanish ads in Spain to test the impact of localized ads.

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