Building Data-Driven Display Campaigns Leveraging Dynamic Capabilities for Koala

Dynamic ads enabled us to customise our messaging for specific audience segments and allowed us to easily create multiple versions of our creatives, streamlining our creative process and saving us 30% of our creative team’s time.
Janet Ranola
Paid Media Manager - Search & Programmatic at Koala


Koala is a front-runner in the highly competitive, fast-growing online mattress market, launching a range of different furniture products to supplement their mattress offering.

Looking to increase efficiencies from their display channel, Koala engaged Incubeta to create a more personalized approach to display, maintain and update their creative without designer/tech interference, and improve both their display ROI and cross-sell.


In order to develop a dynamic campaign focusing on driving awareness as well as on remarketing to existing customers, we analyzed what creatives and ad messaging resonated well with Koala’s target audiences. 

From here we designed and built dynamic HTML units for both marketing tactics and leveraged a product feed to create ad variations for each audience. 

Koala’s creative team was trained in design, feed creation and creative built. High-performing audiences were then programmatically targeted in Display & Video 360, serving the most relevant ad variation through multivariate testing.

We were able to set Koala up for success with their first dynamic campaign through our specialties in the Google Marketing Platform. Through creative and audience alignment, we brought  precision to dynamic campaigns that not only delivered results, but provided the tools needed for Koala to take control of their campaign for future optimization.

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