Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of Visibility and Recognition Incubeta and Saltus Digital Success

“We were drawn to Incubeta from the start because of their clear demonstration of how they could support us throughout our journey. They articulated their ability to offer various forms of support along our journey, indicating that while we might bring certain aspects in-house as we grew, they would equip us with the necessary tools and consultancy to do so effectively.”
Jordan Gillies
Head of Business Development


Saltus, a full-service wealth management firm, aimed to navigate the challenges and opportunities within the wealth management industry. With ambitious growth targets and aspirations to transition from a challenger to a prominent player within 5-6 years, Saltus acknowledged the necessity of securing a strategic digital partner to bolster its online presence, engage target audiences, and drive conversions.


At the outset, Saltus found itself needing to attend to a fresh cohort of clients wrestling with pivotal life choices and in search of direction. Subsequently, it navigated the challenges of operating within a tightly regulated industry, where options for setting oneself apart through product offerings, services, and pricing strategies were severely constrained. Lastly, Saltus grappled with entrenched industry norms primed for disruption, notably in realms such as brand portrayal and the segmentation of its target demographic.

Saltus formed a strategic partnership with Incubeta due to our ability to effectively collaborate with their experimental and flexible approach, while also aligning closely with Saltus’ culture and values. Incubeta provided sector expertise in the digital niche, which was important to the partnership’s success. Collaboration highlights included engaging in chemistry sessions and conducting face-to-face collaboration sessions that facilitated synergy between the two teams. The partnership was marked by an immediate strong cultural fit, evident from the very first meeting, setting a promising foundation for success.

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