Optimizing On-Site Ecommerce Journeys for MOO Product Level Conversion Rate Tracking

This report helps us confidently track and optimise our conversion funnels across our vast catalogue of products. Our customers’ journeys are often very complex and this superb dashboard enables us to provide the best experience for them

Our vast catalogue of products means we have complex user journeys, this report helps us confidently track and optimise our conversion funnels to provide the best experience for our customers. Superb work!
Georgia Grant
Marketing Growth Analyst


Users of the new product funnel dashboard are able to “drill down” into the top level conversion stats to compare different products and  product categories, as well markets, device types and browsers too. Additionally, an alerts system ensures that stakeholders are kept up-to-date with daily fluctuations in conversion rates and are able to react to sudden changes in ecommerce performance.


An agile delivery model was adopted for this project, enabling us to deliver a proof of concept in the shortest possible time frame. Beyond this, we worked iteratively to improve the reporting structure and available insight according to specific client feedback. Now that the analysis pipeline has been built, we play an active role in supporting Moo’s internal team to further develop the dashboard independently to reflect changes in their product catalogue and wider business.

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