Pmax and Meta Drive to Store Campaigns Driving Offline Store Visits for Marionnaud

"I've always been confident on digital media, and I wanted to experience a test with our long term and trustable partner Incubeta with the objective to increase footfall on our store network. The results have been really positive, so we are already working together on a full year plan for 2023."
Andrea De Donato
Marketing and Customer Experience Manager, Marionnaud


Marionnaud Italy sought to explore the potential of digital marketing in bolstering offline activities by attracting more foot traffic to its stores. Our proposed solution involved implementing store campaigns via PPC and Paid Social, alongside a Google Performance Max campaign with a store visits objective and a Meta Drive to Store campaign. These initiatives were executed throughout Q4 2022, targeting all 128 Marionnaud stores in Italy. The creatives were tailored to highlight in-store experiences, regularly refreshed to align with key seasonal events such as Black Friday and Christmas.


The execution of the Performance Max campaign with a store visit goal and the Meta Drive to Store campaign took place in October, November, and December 2022. Projections for campaign performance were based on insights from previous Local Store campaigns on Google and Meta. The majority of the budget was allocated to the Performance Max campaign due to its broader range of placements. Additionally, the budget for both channels witnessed a slight increase each month to accommodate the heightened demand during the Christmas shopping season. Target audiences encompassed Look-a-like or previous purchasers, users interested in Beauty and Marionnaud Top Brands, as well as existing Marionnaud visitors.

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