Precision Targeting for Transavia Using Seamless Creative Delivering Tailored Creative at Scale

“The flexibility of Seamless Creative is really great, we are able to create a completely new banner within minutes. It is a tool that is easy to use and it helped us a lot with many destination specific campaigns, including positive results"
Desiree Stroet
Campaign Specialist at Transavia


The key objective was to give Transavia a tool to efficiently create or change creative strategies per flight destination that they were offering. As we traffic these banners to DV360, we could easily set up different targeting strategies per destination and create a tailored message to a specific target audience. This resulted in good performance and a well-thought-out strategy.


Recognizing the key objective, Incubeta utilized our Seamless Creative platform to deliver creative customization for specified Transavia flight destinations in the ongoing prospecting campaign. Seamless Creative allows Transavia to create a creative strategy per destination in a time efficient, and flexible manner to quickly adjust according to flight offerings. These creatives fit in a custom created template that gives the user control over imagery, ad copy, launch date and much more. Due to the ease of the platform, Transavia has the ability to implement changes themselves to a destination – no prior knowledge of JavaScript or HTML is required.

By laying down the creative template we can actively work on supporting Transavia’s destination-based creatives.

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