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From Browsing to Buying Elevating Simon Jersey’s E-Commerce with Dynamic Display

“ We are extremely pleased with the performance of the bespoke dynamic ad format. It was good to see this format not only generate sales but also strong brand consideration through more page visits. ”
Dan Strayer
Performance Marketing Manager


Simon Jersey is a prominent UK uniform provider catering to businesses across various sectors, including beauty, healthcare, hospitality and corporate.

Seeking to bolster their online presence and sales, Simon Jersey partnered with Incubeta through Visualsoft to implement a cutting-edge display retargeting strategy to drive sales and quality users to site.

On top of having a robust retargeting set-up, we worked on a bespoke dynamic ad to further improve performance.


After being live for a few months, we scoped out the site, worked with Simon Jersey to ensure the creative was on brand, and analyzed historical campaign data to inform creative build.

Upon approval, we utilized Simon Jersey’s product feed to tailor the carousel display, showcasing products based on the user’s recent site interactions.

The dynamic carousel was also upweighted vs other two static assets to take advantage of the strong performance.

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