Building a Marketplace Strategy for BrewDog Driving Sales with Amazon


BrewDog has the brand awareness and a website that is hugely popular with their ‘equity punks’, but we were keen to show them the value and opportunity of developing a marketplace strategy to complement their own retail strategy.

Incubeta were able to show them how consumers are increasingly using Amazon as a starting point on their product searches, and how Amazon’s share of the Beers, Wines and Spirits category has been growing at 30%+ in the last 12 months.


When starting out on the Amazon journey it was important to identify the key needs and objectives of the business. We needed to understand how BrewDog was being purchased and discovered on the Amazon platform by consumers; there are a number of resellers in the drinks market, some of whom do a good job but often the content does not necessarily match a brand’s own ambitions or aspirations. Then it becomes an exercise in developing the right operational setup to ensure BrewDog were able to meet the demands of Amazon’s FBA logistics, selling direct to the consumer. Finally, we developed advertising strategies to start to drive sales.

Local approach first

  • Incubeta established the Seller account and advised the best approach to launching a few hero SKUs on Amazon UK
  • Incubeta provided the blueprint for BrewDog’s content and helped build the product detail pages, A+ content, and Brand store
  • Incubeta carried out the keyword analysis and helped build out the backend SEO optimisation to help win the buy box
  • Incubeta developed the advertising campaign structure and manage Sponsored Products, Display and – Brand campaigns
  • Incubeta uses tools like Sellics to combine manual optimization with machine learning
  • Incubeta are also integrating BrewDog into the CARPIO platform to drive greater data insights and performance outcomes

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