Boosting Revenue for Using Broad Match to Drive Performance

"With broad match, we've been able to scale our search coverage while maintaining optimal performance. This is a welcomed development in any marketer’s toolbox"
Houman Akhavan


Historically, had relied on phrase and exact match keywords. 

However, after learning how broad match could better understand advertiser intent by incorporating the best signals in its matching technology, decided to test broad match to improve the performance of its campaigns. 

Strategia chose a sample group of campaigns containing generic keywords and converted them from phrase match to broad match. The campaigns ranged from low to high volume, and tracked the results over a 90-day period. The auto part provider hoped broad match keywords would increase users’ propensity to convert by exposing keywords to more auctions, which gives Smart Bidding more data to target converting users. 

Partnering with Incubeta: Incubeta helped set up and monitor the implementation of broad match.

Switching the same keywords from phrase to broad match resulted in a 23% increase in revenue, along with a 16% increase in conversion rate and an 18% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS). Because of these strong results, intends to further expand broad match to its other campaigns in the future.

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