Coblo's Success on Maximizing Peak Season at Record Rates and 135% Sales Growth


The outcome of this collaborative effort was nothing short of remarkable. 

  • Despite relatively late entry (in the midst of peak season), Coblo quickly emerged as the market leader in their category (magnetic toys) on within just one month of working with us. 
  • Coblo’s Q4 holiday season witnessed an unprecedented 135% increase in sales (Y-o-Y) compared to the previous year. Impressively, 70% of these sales occurred in the short but intense Q4 period.
  • Comparing Q4 of 2023 to Q4 of 2024 after Incubeta’s support, Coblo grew 512% in sales (Q-o-Q).
  • Coblo secured an impressive 19 organic positions out of 24, attaining significant visibility on


Our content and advertising specialists mapped out an account plan, laying out the content and advertising strategy. To support the project even further, our team worked very closely with Bollify, a marketplace tool that provides real-time insights into search volumes, as well as both organic and paid positions. 


Aside from crafting visually compelling and SEO-optimized product listings for Coblo, we ran an effective advertising strategy that altogether boosted visibility and sales. The combination of winning content and advertising fed into each one’s success, supporting a true flywheel. The real-time data from Bollify coupled with the strategic insight from our consultants was instrumental to this process, where data acted as the backbone of our strategy and operations.


Every week, our team kept a close eye on the account, making incremental improvements that eventually resulted in impressive results, surpassing not only our project goals but also the performance of our competitors.

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