Driving Business Growth Building an End-to-End Solution for LG


LG Electronics wanted to target two very different audiences through social media. While B2C was consumer driven and needed a lot of interaction and branding, B2B was looking to gather data and convert posts into inquiries, and ultimately, sales leads for their team.

Together, they wanted to make use of all the available and popular social media channels to create better brand recall, and ultimately contribute to business growth.


We proposed two entirely different strategies for the two divisions. While B2C benefitted from the more consumer-friendly Facebook, B2B was better represented on Linkedin, where it was easier to find the target audience and market their products accordingly.

We set about creating the tone of voice for B2C, which is very conversational and engaging for an audience that wanted to interact with the brand, and understand their product offerings closely. We ran competitions and created activations that encouraged people to read more about the company and the product range.

For B2B, we wanted to show by example. We share projects and installations that LG has done around the world, and encourage people to find out more via a special link. The language is a lot more formal, and the product posts are more tech-led, as we are speaking to an audience that is already familiar with the industry and innovations within it.

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