Mobile Google Shopping Driving Real Value for Dune

We initially engaged Incubeta in 2013 to look after our affiliate paid search campaigns for the UK market and then expanded this brief in 2014 to include the German, French and US site launches. We were so impressed by the results and the level of professionalism we received that we asked them to take over the running of all of our UK paid search activity in May 2015. Even in such a short space time the results we have seen have been remarkable especially in terms of the increased ROAS.
Mark Blenkinsop
Digital Marketing Manager at Dune


Incubeta’s assessment of Dune’s previous historic Google Shopping activity highlighted that Dune’s Google Shopping performance was largely struggling because of a lack of control over the search queries that they appeared for and Google’s algorithm pushing sale items that were both lower margin and likely to sell without paid promotion. 

Furthermore, their mobile strategy for Google Shopping was undefined and they were losing sales due to high priced items appearing in search results.

Our goal was to establish what Google Shopping strategies and techniques could be deployed to make Google Shopping a core acquisition channel for Dune and increase sales at a strong ROI.


Recognizing the importance of mobile for Google Shopping given the dominance of the platform on the mobile SERP, we had already prioritized mobile bidding by using modifiers for Desktop and Tablet, rather than Mobile and tablet as is more usual. This had helped us to drive efficiency through mobile, increasing ROAS by 46% for Q4 2016 YoY at a time when budgets were stretched.

However, with the start of a new financial year in February 2017, we knew that there was opportunity to invest heavily in mobile to drive success. Crucially, we wanted full transparency of how each device was performing across our established three tiers of Google Shopping (Generic, Product and Brand). To achieve this, we triplicated our

existing Shopping campaigns and made device specific campaigns using -100% modifiers. Bids in campaigns were adjusted based on the existing modifiers so that effective bids were unchanged.

What this meant was that each bid set at product group level within a specific campaign was a device specific bid – with full visibility of performance. This extra degree of granularity was supported by our secondary initiative, using a DoubleClick Bid Strategy targeting DDA revenue to automate the bidding process to levels of complexity far beyond what would be achievable with manual CPC bidding.

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