Highlighting Business Opportunities for Unilever Increasing Growth of Client Base

"Most importantly, thanks to Incubeta it was proven that by adopting a start-up mentality and pushing the right content strategy, any brand, anywhere in the world, can build awareness and sales in foreign countries through Marketplaces without all the investments that they would otherwise have to make"


As an open marketplace, Amazon allows anybody to resell any product anywhere in the world- this happened with Dutch Unilever brands: resellers abroad proved demand for ‘local’ Unilever products like Dutch Calvé Pindakaas. These resellers responded to the interest in these local products, but the way they presented these Unilever products on Amazon was very poor: pictures were taken with mobile devices and often of low quality, not all information on contains was given etc. The products were not presented according to Unilever’ standards.

Incubeta presented a solution to Unilever.


By putting the control back into Unilever’s hands we took their business to the next level:

  • Incremental turnover from an untapped international market, which would be almost impossible to penetrate.
  • Incubeta tackled the content by creating an European Seller Account for Unilever to own the content of Dutch brands in Europe. This ensures that online shoppers always get the right brand picture and information about Unilever‘s products.
  • Incubeta advised Unilever on online advertisement and created an advertising strategy for Dutch brands on Amazon Europe
  • Incubeta was in charge of the implementation and execution of advertisements.

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