Driving Brand Awareness & Engagement Social Amplification with Incubeta


Lovehoney is a British business that sells sex toys, lingerie and erotic gifts on the Internet. Their tagline is ‘the sexual happiness people’ and they are the UK’s biggest online adult retailer.

Throughout May, Lovehoney wanted to both increase their brand awareness and boost conversion rates within their Masturbation-May campaign which celebrated and promoted self-love. We were tasked with implementing a strategy that would both drive improvements in performance, whilst overcoming the issues surrounding the promotion of sex toys and erotic products on the internet.

Our goals were to maximise engagement rates, increase brand awareness, drive a strong CR and build Social Amplification ads & Gift Finder banners to push specific products.


In order to overcome the issues surrounding the promotion of sex toys and erotic products on the internet we utilised Xandr to exploit the platform’s leniency towards the type of products it allows to serve (i.e adult).

From here we used our knowledge of Lovehoney clientele and historical data from Lovehoney’s Valentine’s Day campaign to inform creative build & increase interaction. We built upon existing historical knowledge & tailored ad content for specific audiences (& specific sexual preferences)

We made sure to tailor banner content to provide a seamless user experience in a variety of different languages to meet the needs to multiple markets.

We also went live with Social Amplification ads, (ensuring the demographic was strictly 18+) & targeted sites such as LadBible & SheKnows to reach new clients.

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