An Introduction to Attribution Modelling in the Cloud Introductory Analytics Workshop


British multinational low-cost airline group EasyJet were struggling to optimize their historical data to inform their current marketing strategy and drive performance. Incubeta was tasked with running a custom attribution workshop to demonstrate GA360’s capabilities in building a BigQuery attribution model, and the means by which EasyJet could establish a omni-channel reporting process via a data driven attribution model. 


EasyJet wanted to understand how custom attribution models can be built using GA360 data in BigQuery and explore historic marketing performance. Incubeta was tasked with establishing a robust omni-channel reporting process across all marketing teams.


We ran 3 workshop sessions in this series, each with their own focus: 

1) Business motivation and use-cases

2) Exploration and analysis of initial results

3) Technical walk-through of “foundational” SQL scripts

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