Automation & PPC In-Housing Utilising SA360 with Incubeta

Using inventory management for our paid search campaigns allowed ATG to bring PPC activity in-house, allowing campaigns to be updated within 3 hours instead of a week. It also allowed us to be sure the ad copy was showing the right message at the right time, which is essential to paid search.
Alex Gabarron
Performance Marketing Manager at ATG


The theatre ticketing industry in the digital space is fast-paced. Constant sale ad copy changes, sudden ticket price updates and campaign builds for new and upcoming shows at a moment’s notice. All of this presented a challenge for ATG without an automated solution in place.

Manually building and updating campaigns was taking a significant amount of time and resulted in delays in show campaigns going live. This meant ATG was losing market share and were arriving in highly saturated PPC markets for new shows, leading to higher CPCs. Ensuring ticket prices shown in ad copy aligned with site pricing also proved to be a challenge, resulting in poor user experiences. 

Incubeta was tasked with building an automated solution that would reduce hours spent building & updating show campaigns, reduce CPCs and increase show traffic.


After onboarding ATG onto SA360, the search engine management solution for the Google Marketing Platform, we were able to consult with ATG and provide bespoke training on an automated solution to the above challenges described. 

We leveraged SA360’s very own Inventory Management, a powerful automated technology used to supercharge advertisers’ campaign generation through dynamic templates pulling data from a feed.

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