Doubling CPM with Google Ad Exchange & Strategic Audience Extension Driving Growth for Springer Nature

Incubeta’s dedicated team of experts provide us with the strategic advice and digital opportunities we need to grow our advertising revenue, helping us stay innovative and competitive in our market.
Springer Nature


Springer Nature began collaborating with Incubeta in an effort to publish and advertise more business-to-business titles, specifically within the German market. The company needed to advance their digital maturity and adopt new technologies that would drive growth within this space, turning to Incubeta for technical and strategic support.


Incubeta introduced new revenue streams to Springer Nature, primarily with Ad Exchange (AdX), with a focus on helping the team to tap into digital opportunities and stay updated with relevant trends in digital, data, and privacy. 

Specifically, we assigned a local, German-speaking Incubeta team to set-up and manage Springer Nature’s AdX Open Market account. We maintained a service retainer for technical and strategic support, which included the management of Audience Extension campaigns, powered by GAM360 Audiences and DV360.

As part of our collaboration, we also established two 2-day strategy sessions within one year, with a focus on upgrading digital growth.

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