Optimizing Content for Urtekram Driving Sales with Amazon

“When we started selling on Amazon more than 3 years ago, we quickly realized that Amazon is a complicated business. With Incubeta as a partner, we have received help to accelerate our revenue and fulfil the expected potential in several Amazon markets as well as to minimize the hassle of trading with Amazon. Incubeta helps us both strategically and operationally to get the best out of Amazon, and since the beginning of the collaboration we have strengthened our brand position and increased our sales significantly on Amazon.”


Urtekram had been on Amazon for almost two years before Incubeta was consulted. One of the key challenges Urtekram faced was the management of a large product assortment in their account and the need for optimization of content.

We knew we needed to advise Urtekram step by step on how to achieve their goals via Amazon.


First Incubeta helped Urtekram to create an overview of the best-selling products, followed by a product report with the highest sales potential. That also meant advicing Urtekram to unlist selection of less popular products.

After the first analysis Incubeta optimized the product content of the selected SKUs. During this optimization process new A+ content templates were developed and implemented across selected product listings. Additionally, we developed a custom-made new brand store design and structure for Urtekram.

  • Incubeta analyzed the product range and made a selection for the best approach to achieve goals
  • Incubeta developed A+ content
  • Incubeta advised on brand store design
  • Incubeta took over Urtekram’s administration of Amazon accounts
  • Incubeta improved keywords, content and handled a better categorization of products

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