A Simple Ad Strategy to Boost Your Amazon Sales

Those that are familiar with Amazon’s ecosystem will know that Amazon offers numerous possibilities in terms of promotions and advertising. In this article we will share an easy-to-implement advertising strategy to boost your Amazon sales.


First, let’s consider Amazon as an extra member of your store staff

Despite being an online marketplace, Amazon has many similarities to traditional brick & mortar stores. For example, one could say that the search bar represents a store employee. When a shopper types in a search term in the search bar, Amazon will produce a list of relevant products.

Similarly, when you ask a store employee where you can find particular products, they will guide you to a variety of options. They’re then likely to make a few shopping recommendations, for instance based on the description you provided to them of what you’re looking for.

The same thing happens on Amazon.

You can increase sales by up to 30%, starting by advertising related products at high-intent moments

The moment you scroll down on a product page for additional information, Amazon will show you a series of related and/or alternative products, based on both organic and advertised placements. This area below the main product detail section, is considered premium real estate for advertisers.

This is where the advertising strategy starts. The first step is to advertise competing and/or complementary products underneath the main product detail section of a related product.

It’s an ideal spot because it reaches shoppers at the moment they’ve proven a high-intent to buy. In other words, they’re in the market for your products and they want to buy now.

If you can show the shopper that you have the best offer out there, be it with a better price, star-ratings, more compelling images, or more relevant text, then there’s a high chance they’ll choose you.

Advertising in these spots aren’t even limited to competing products. A similar effect applies to complementary products. If the shopper is interested in shampoo, for example, maybe they’d also be interested in conditioner or body soap.

Our specialists have seen great uplift in sales by advertising related or complementary products in this lower section of the product detail page. For some our clients across various categories, we’ve even seen up to 30% sales increase.

Finally, don’t forget to protect your products (and boost brand awareness) with this simple product targeting tactic

Alternatively, other sellers can target your products in the same way. This is where the rest of the ad strategy comes into play. Instead of giving your competitors this rich opportunity, target your own products. Present your own related products in this area.

The great thing about product targeting is that it’s not limited to ad placements on product pages. Amazon can also show your ads in search results, showing up next to the related products you decide to target. By targeting your own product, you can keep your competitors off your premium real estate. Additionally, this is a great way to boost overall brand awareness.

When you present one of your shampoo products, be sure to present the entire product line along with it: conditioners, hair repair serums, etc.

For some brands this sounds like a sensible thing to do, but far too often we see that so many still don’t implement this one simple strategy. Why leave money on the table for your competitors to pick up and put in their own pockets?

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