ISO <span class="text-primary">Accreditation</span>

ISO Accreditation

We are ISO 27001 Accredited

ISO 27001 accreditation is determined by the International Organization for Standardisation (ISO). In order to be awarded this designation, an organization must adhere to set standards for handling information to ensure that it is kept secure.

An important factor in obtaining ISO 27001 accreditation is risk management assessment. Businesses must create, implement, and maintain an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The ISO 27001 provides requirements for the ISMS, outlining the security controls and best practices. These guidelines enable us to deliver the best solutions while ensuring our clients and organization are protected.

Why it matters

The ISMS addresses how technology handles information, but also addresses how people and processes within a business can handle information in a secure manner.

Within this there are three key aspects of information handling that are crucial to complying with ISO 27001:

  • Confidentiality – Information is only disclosed to authorized parties and only when appropriate
  • Integrity – Information stored and used is accurate
  • Availability – Information is available and accessible when it is needed to help deliver services

Client Impact

ISO 270001 certification demonstrates that we can provide the best protection for sensitive and confidential information. Our clients can be confident that we will manage their data safely and professionally while delivering solid results. When our clients don’t have to worry about how we manage data and confidential information, they can focus on how we can drive their bottom line. Everybody wins.

The Road to Accreditation

We achieved ISO 27001 accreditation by conducting an intensive internal audit on the ways in which we process, manage, and protect information. We were then audited by an independent certification body who determined that we have implemented the Framework and that we fulfilled the requirements to become ISO 27001 certified.

Maintaining Best Practices

We will submit to regular audits at six month intervals in order to meet ISO 27001 requirements. We are committed to maintaining best practices and the highest standards for ourselves and our clients.