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Last week we hosted our first fully-hybrid event, “Successful Strategies for a New Era of Ecommerce” – a two hour live recorded session where we unpacked and dissected the topic of ecommerce, providing actionable takeaways to help marketers build a foolproof strategy geared for growth. 

Incubeta’s Jessica Jacobs, Global Director of Partnerships & Growth was joined by confectionary company Tony’s Chocolonely, clothing retailer, C&A, EU lingerie brand Hunkemoller, Incubeta Maze-One and Google. Alongside our host, Incubeta Maze-One’s Founder and CEO, Tim Van Der Bilt.

Matilda Moir & Scarlett Rushby-Smith

A New Era of Ecommerce
“… the agility to fast track ecommerce has become a prerequisite for survival and growth in our disruptive retail landscape”

It is no secret that the world of digital is fast paced. Time again the demand for online and ecommerce experiences meant marketers were continually adapting and changing. But few could imagine the change that was brought upon us when Covid-19 hit. The retail landscape completely shifted and digital literacy became a necessity.

Fast forward to 2022 and consumers are demanding a more seamless experience when it comes to ecommerce. Future growth won’t be fueled by necessity, it will be fueled by engaging user experiences, competitive marketing, excellent customer service and price competitiveness. To stay ahead of the game there are seven functions that need to be taken into account when it comes to ecommerce; Management, Marketing, Merchandising, Conversions & UX, Technology and Fulfillment. Take a look at our whitepaper that examines each of these functions in detail.

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Consumers are never easy. And as marketers we need to understand that, while consumers still prefer to buy online, they enjoy, and want the offline experience. In fact, 55.7% of consumers prefer hybrid, omnichannel shopping experiences – and brands need to start bridging this gap between online and offline.

Making the Most of Marketplaces

“74% of US consumers now start their product searches directly on Amazon instead of getting there via Google”

Despite the change in necessity, ecommerce is here to stay, meaning marketplaces such as Amazon are growing at astronomical rates, and brands are investing significantly in marketplace advertising to capitalize on this rise in consumer footfall.

As a result, Amazon advertising is worth more than Snap, Twitter, Roku and Pinterest combined and acts as an invaluable channel for brands worldwide, including Dutch retailer Hunkemoller.

Hunkemoller, the number one lingerie brand in Europe, with close to a thousand stores, boasts a strong omnichannel presence. Originally a traditional retailer, Hunkermoller has been online for over 20 years – launching their Amazon advertising in 2014. Striving to create symbiotic relationships between each of their channels, Hunkermoller recognizes the importance of both physical and digital retail, and the unique role they both play.

Hunkermoller’s Ecommerce Manager, Bert Middendorp, spoke about the growth of marketplaces, the growth of the brand, and the role that marketplaces play in their overall ecommerce strategy.

The Tony’s Chocolonely Story

Founded in 2005, Tony’s Chocolonely is a Dutch brand that produces and sells chocolate across the EU, the US and Japan. Crazy about chocolate, serious about people, Tony’s Chocolonely’s mission is to make 100% slave free chocolate the norm. Sporting unequally divided chocolate bars – Tony’s Chocolonely’s products are representative of the unfair nature of the chocolate industry and their bars will remain unequal as long as the industry is unequal.

As one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the Netherlands, Tony’s Chocolonely’s ecommerce strategy is centered around ‘tailored 360 degree online chocolate experiences for maximum impact, focused on gifting’. Selling via a number of different channels, (including marketplaces, e-gifting, e-grocery, resellers and consumers/businesses), Tony’s Chocolonely has a specific Reach, Goal and USP set up for each channel. This allows them to streamline and maximize return on investment for each individual channel.

Tony’s Cholonely’s Ecommerce Account Manager, Joli Seelen spoke about each of these channels and how they contribute to the brand’s overall success and growth narrative.

Wear The Change with C&A

“More has changed over the last year alone, than over the last decade”

The last year alone has given birth to a host of changing consumer trends and new consumer truths. The path to purchase has changed significantly and the consumer shopping journey has become atomized into multiple micro-moments spread throughout the day, and across multiple devices. The journey of a consumer doesn’t end with a purchase – there is a continuous path post-purchase and brands need to identify where this journey may take them. Building, and maintaining a retention ecosystem where consumers follow a cyclical purchasing path.

Marcus Starke, Unit Lead Ecommerce Country Management & Business Intelligence for Dutch multinational retail clothing store, C&A speaks about these journeys, the importance of channel symbiosis and how, C&A are building a sustainable digital strategy that enables them to build meaningful relationships with their customers. Transforming C&A from a tired brick and mortar retailer into a cultural icon reborn in a digital age.

The Fundamentals of Retail Media?

When you think about retail media it’s important to consider the history of where we’ve been, and where we’ve got too. Born shortly after World War 2, Retail Media is far from a new concept, and since the inception of the internet retailers have realized they’re no longer limited to instore placements, catalogs and magazines, they have their online channels where they can sell more than ‘just stuff’. They can sell eyeballs, and audiences – making money regardless of whether anything is bought.

Google’s Head of UK Commerce, Global Partnerships EMEA, Henry Eccles helped to make this event truly hybrid, by presenting from Incubeta’s London headquarters. His presentation delved into the rise in Retail Media, the opportunities it offers, and why Retail Media ad spending is on the rise.

Want to access the full recording and hear the live Q&A session with our panelists? Check out our YouTube channel and watch the on demand recording of  “Successful Strategies for a New Era of Ecommerce”.



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