Incubeta Insider: Incubeta ZA Launches a Digital Academy

At Incubeta we pride ourselves on our award-winning culture of learning & development and this month our South African office took this one step further by expressing our commitment externally and created a training hub for the next generation of digital talent; Incubeta’s Digital academy Program. We caught up with Natasha Veldsman from the People team, to tell us more about the academy, and the direction it’s going to take.

Melinda Mwamanda & Natasha Veldsman

What Exactly is the Incubeta Digital Academy All About?

The Digital Academy provides a programme where interns with limited or no digital marketing experience are upskilled and mentored on the technical and soft skill competencies within Incubeta. The absorption possibilities are endless as we have essentially opened the door allowing these 6 young professionals to create their own career path. We are super excited for this 6 month journey, and we are looking forward to welcoming another round of interns in 2022. 

What Was The Reason Behind This Initiative? 

The company has experienced rapid growth over the last few years and with growth comes skills shortages and potential gaps. We’ve all been challenged to ‘Upgrade your Growth’ and this programme is essential to upgrading the growth injection from a grassroots level. As market leaders we have an obligation to set the trend and create the foundational learning opportunities so the industry can grow and become more fruitful in the near future. Our South African office was the perfect place to pilot this program with the aim being to roll this out on a global level within the next 2 years. 

How Does This Program Align with Incubeta’s Mission & Values? 

Quoting Ruth Steel , our Learning and Development Manager – “Earn Trust, Exceed Expectations, Dare to Lead and Help Others Succeed are the core values of all that we do at Incubeta.” Launching our Digital Academy aligns with our mission to help others succeed and build an inclusive environment that encourages personal development. We believe that if we take on the responsibility of helping our young professionals succeed by giving them the opportunity to develop their individual skills, this will not only benefit Incubeta but the entire industry as a whole. 

What Teams Have Our Interns Been Assigned To?

We have a total of 6 interns and each has been assigned to a specific team according to their studies, interests and career path. They also have access to a mentor who will help them define their career paths and be a soundboard for their individual growth and overall support.

  • Maria & Natasha completed their Advanced Diploma in Marketing and have been assigned to our Australia team who is responsible for Paid Media specifically for our Australia clients. These young minds are not only being exposed to a working environment but a Global market as well.
  • Ally & Jason completed their studies at UCT and have been assigned to the Rest of World (ROW) team who form part of the Paid Media team that services US, Sweden, South African and now Middle East
  • Isabella joined us in June and has been working closely with our Tech & Services team on client feeds and understanding the CSS background
  • And lastly we have Emily who also joined us a bit earlier. She assists our Client & Services team as a Commercial Intern, yet still aiming to complete all her google certification and on the path to becoming a Junior Account Manager in the near future

What Do Our Interns Have to Say About Their Experience So Far?

  • Working at Incubeta as an intern has been a truly incredible experience so far – getting to learn from people at the top of their industry, and who really believe in the company’s vision, is very inspiring. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to expand my knowledge and experience here!
  • “My expectations for the programme were limited as I knew there would be learning, however I didn’t expect that warm welcome from the people. One can really see the atmosphere of the company by engaging with the people.”
  • “My first three weeks at Incubeta has been amazing, everyone is so willing to help and teach, i’ve experienced so much growth in the past three weeks and i’m so excited to continue this journey with this incredible company”
  • “We have been given an opportunity to gain real insights into the digital marketing industry and been exposed to a collaborative way of thinking.”
  • “I have found that my colleagues truly are friendly and willing to assist. I have learnt the basics of a few platforms and the amount of hours that goes into the adverts I see on a daily basis”
  • “An amazing Organization. Anyone gets to talk to anyone, everyone’s opinion matters -even if it comes from an intern”

Stay tuned to find out more about our interns journey at the Incubeta Digital Academy. If you’re interested in the digital academy OR a career at Incubeta: check out our careers page. 


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