Incubeta’s Latest Web Series: 3 Minutes of Digital

At Incubeta, we pride ourselves as being an effective, communicative full-service digital agency. Our talented international team are experts in marketing, technology, data and creative, united in our goal of helping businesses make the most of the opportunities the digital landscape provides. And we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge.

Rebecca Archibald

In our latest web series, “3 Minutes of Digital”, we sit down with experts from across Incubeta’s global business, to break down important areas of digital marketing – in just three minutes.

Each episode includes:

  • New changes and opportunities available in the digital marketing landscape
  • Explanations into how these opportunities can impact your business
  • Easy-to-follow tips – small changes you can make that can have a huge impact on business success. 

AdTech & Analytics

In the first few chapters of the series, we take a deep dive into the realm of AdTech & Analytics. Do not be intimidated -our experts are on hand to offer some words of wisdom.

Episode 1

Featuring Leo McIntosh, Head of AdTech & Analytics for Incubeta UK. In our first episode, we sat down with Leo to discuss testing frameworks and how to implement a testing strategy to drive growth.


Episode 2

Featuring Ruaridh Stewart, Head of Search AdTech for Incubeta UK, our second episode discusses Paid Search AdTech adoption and explains value based bidding. 


Episode 3

Featuring Alex Wilkins, Incubeta UK’s Head of Analytics, this episode discusses preparing for GA4, media investments and activating first-party data.


Episode 4

Featuring Michael Turner, Incubeta UK’s Head of Display AdTech, the final episode of our AdTech & Analytics series covered the future of cookieless advertising. 

Want to gain more knowledge and insights in the digital marketing sphere? Check out our latest webinar series “Master Marketplaces” on demand, to learn how to optimize your marketplace strategy. 


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