Mastering Marketplaces On Demand

As marketplace experts, Incubeta understands how valuable Amazon can be for advertisers so we ran a Marketplaces specific series that took a deep dive into the ecommerce ecosystem, advertising on Amazon, the Amazon shopper journey, and explored how to create a successful marketplace strategy on the platform. 

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Joined by Rupert Staines, and Dan Brown, Managing Partners for Incubeta Marketplaces, the series was split into three episodes; 1. The Ecommerce Ecosystem, 2. What Good Looks Like on Amazon, and 3. Unlocking The Power of Amazon.

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Episode 1: The Ecommerce Ecosystem 

In the first episode, our Marketplace specialists take you through the importance of retail eCommerce and growth markets across the world. The content covers how brands and businesses should approach a marketplace strategy and what are the key considerations and best practice processes. They also explain the importance and the benefits of having a strategy for Amazon, and explain the types of relationships available to help protect your brand, scale your business, grow revenues and expand across multiple marketplaces.

Episode Two:  What does good look like on Amazon

In the second episode, you will learn about the creative components that brands have access to on Amazon and the ways of using them that bring success. You will understand how consumers connect with brands and products on the platform, and what are the best strategies to engage with them through the Amazon shopper journey. We also go through the categories,  product detail pages and then below the fold through A+ and brand stores. Finally, we take you through the steps needed and the importance of creating a content strategy, and give you a view of how the promotional calendar can align your brand to drive sales.

Episode Three: Unlocking the power of Amazon

In the last session, we explain the benefits and use cases for advertising on Amazon. We showcase the different formats and their capabilities and where they sit in the Amazon advertising funnel. Additionally, we take you through the process of setting up for success and explain how to tactically approach your campaigns. Finally, we show you how Amazon’s In-market audiences can be utilised to engage consumers across the open web for Brand and Performance marketing campaigns.

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