Navigating Digital Success for 2024: A Guide for Google and Amazon Advertisers in the EEA

As advertisers and marketers, our world is constantly in flux – user expectations are higher, data regulations are more complex, tech is advancing at an incredible pace, and the ecosystem will only continue to move in this direction.


The Digital Markets Act (DMA) is just one other example of this. Effective from March 6th, 2024, the DMA is a regulation by the European Commission that aims to make digital markets safer for consumers and fairer for businesses. Specifically, the DMA identifies large companies that have obtained enormous control over a given digital market and ensures that their business practices don’t violate user privacy or act unfairly against competitors. Companies with this level of power or influence are what the EU Commission calls “gatekeepers”. So far, these are: Alphabet, Amazon, ByteDance, Meta, Microsoft, and Apple.

Want to learn more? Our recent whitepaper dives into what the DMA is all about and what both Google and Amazon advertisers must do to thrive in the new age of advertising (based on the changes the DMA will bring and beyond).

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What Advertisers Should Know to Secure Digital Success This Year 

The Digital Markets Act is worth understanding if you haven’t already sunk your teeth into it. It targets Big Tech and forces them to make quite a few changes to the way they work and interact with users, which means all the advertisers and users who use their platforms are impacted by the DMA too. 

How This Affects You:

Privacy Protection: The DMA seeks to protect your privacy by regulating how these large companies collect and use your data. This could lead to improved data security and more control over how your information is utilized.

Fair Competition: By preventing these companies from unfairly leveraging their market dominance, the DMA promotes fairer competition. This could result in a wider variety of products and services being available to you, fostering innovation and choice.

Transparency: The DMA requires these companies to be more transparent in their operations. This means you could have better insight into how your data is used and more control over the ads you see, empowering you to make more informed decisions.

For advertisers, especially those using Google and Amazon, understanding and adapting to the DMA is crucial for staying competitive. Beyond compliance, it’s about embracing opportunities to engage with consumers more ethically and effectively in this evolving digital landscape.

Practical Tips for Google and Amazon Advertisers, Beyond the DMA

The DMA is just one other factor on top of a pile of change within the digital industry. Advertisers are also facing rising user expectations and rapidly evolving technologies alongside stringent regulations (especially in the EU). What this means is that there is a lot to adapt to and implement if advertisers hope to stay competitive and relevant. The right legal and technical controls have to be in place, if we hope to continue to build, maintain, grow, and target the right audiences. The industry will never be the same as before, but there are various opportunities worth paying attention to – the right measures just have to be taken first. 

Read our whitepaper for top tips on what Google and Amazon advertisers can do to build and grow their audiences within this new age of advertising.

Download Your Copy Here: Navigating Digital Success for 2024

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