Rise of the Robots… Say Goodbye to Your Job

We’re in an era where technology is advancing faster than ever, and artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are leading the way for consumers and marketers alike. With ChatGPT (and the subsequent retaliation of Google Bard) thrusting AI into mainstream media, many have since started questioning the role that intelligent solutions play – and what it means for the future of digital marketing.

Matilda Rose Moir

Despite my four years of experience in the digital marketing space (where we don’t stop harping on about technological advancements) even I questioned AIs ability to replace my job – and I’m not alone. Over 75% of Americans are concerned about AI being used for malicious intent, with 92% of tech experts stressing the importance of AI assurance measures to protect the general public.

But we shouldn’t be afraid (and you don’t really need to say goodbye to your job…). From automating repetitive tasks to leveraging the power of AI for data analysis and personalization, technology can be an invaluable tool to streamline your marketing efforts and achieve better results – you just need to learn to ‘harness the power’. 

Which is why, in our latest webinar, we took a deep dive into the world of Automation and AI – breaking down how we can actually use these tools to bolster successful strategies across digital.

Rise of the Robots; AI, Automation & Digital Efficiency

Joined by Incubeta’s own Michael Ossendrijver, Max Flajsner and Quintijn van Kessel, Scibids Charlotte Harvard, and Cambridge University’s Henry Shevlin – our panelists took the the (virtual) stage to explore the impact of cutting-edge technology on the digital industry, covering: 

  • Methods of creating efficiency with tech solutions
  • The rise of AI – how it will work with us and not against us
  • Use cases of automation in action.

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Our Top 5 Takeaways…

Keep Learning: The hardest task to grasp when it comes to AI, is where to start. Even OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 doesn’t know where to start with AI (yes, we did ask), and while the industry is saturated with transcendent examples of AI, there is no marketing rulebook. Even if there was, it would differ greatly from business to business. The key is to keep experimenting with AI, enabling an agile culture of learning within your business that’ll deliver impactful results.

Stay S.A.F.E: Remember, while AI models are easily accessible and a fun tool to experiment with, it’s important to use them as a form of inspiration, rather than a focal point. Make sure your usage is SAFE: Stay creative, Authenticate the output, Find a suitable model, Ensure you keep control 

Remember your Data: There are three things that brands need to take into account when preparing their business for AI; Data Quality, Data Richness and Data connectivity. Getting your data in a strong position is the best way to leverage AI solutions.  

Understanding AI: It’s important to recognize the scope of AI, and the difference between Generative AI and Predictive AI. Namely that Generative AI has no real performance benchmark, whereas Predictive AI is measurable, and provable. This means that both offer different solutions to marketers – but which one is right for maximizing ad ROI?

The AI Revolution: Large language models (LLM) are evolving at an exponential rate, and they’ll continue to do so as technology advances and financial backing increases. In the last five years we’ve seen AI take huge leaps of performance – just look at the difference between the AI generated image of a cat in 2017, compared to 2022.

To hear more from our panelists, and watch the full webinar, access the recording here: Rise of the Robots; AI, Automation and Digital Efficiency.

Your Questions Answered…

We had a number of awesome questions come through from our live audience which we didn’t get a chance to address – so we picked our two favorite and asked Henry Shevlin to answer:

1) If you’re a 48-year-old Marketing Manager, AI will probably not ‘take your job’, but what if you’re a 16-year-old aspiring Marketing Manager? Should you be more worried?

“You should definitely be more worried! That said, the pace and direction of recent developments in AI have been dramatic and unpredictable; few experts would have guessed five years ago that photorealistic art-generation like DALL:E was imminent, for example. Given that fact, it’s very hard to predict which jobs are safest or which skills are going to be most in-demand. So there’s a clear lesson for both the 48-year-old and 16-year-old, which is to remain adaptive and agile, and engaged with the new tools that are becoming available.”

2) How long will it take until AI will be able to optimize campaigns on digital marketing platforms? 

The great news is, AI is already readily available in nearly all of the Demand Side Platforms (DSP’s). Most DSP’s have their own automated bidding solution easily accessible in their platform, however 6 years ago the  DSP’s opened up their API’s to allow for a ‘Bring Your Own Algorithm’ approach. This means that not only can you optimise your campaigns with AI, you’re able to customise this to your brand’s goals!  At Scibids we create and build Custom Algorithms on an IO basis across all of the leading DSP’s, including DV360, The Trade Desk, Xandr, deploying over 150,000 models per day.”


Want to learn more about AI, Automation and how to creatively approach volatility within the digital marketing space? Watch our latest Global event, The Art of Chaos, where we discussed how to make the most of your marketing, how to accept uncertainty, and how to survive, and thrive, in times of uncertainty. 

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