Start Implementing Your Audience Strategy

Remember that the information found on digital platforms helps us to better understand the user, their interests, and needs, to know what they are like, what you can offer them and what products to design so that they become your customers.


We have to understand the data that people leave, of course, in a way that respects their privacy, which means anonymously.

The data from digital platforms are many and their analysis allows us to make marketing, product, pricing, and service improvement decisions, or to optimize the invested budget.

First, you must recognize what is the objective of your organization and that of your customers to define the coincidence, as well as the indicators (signals) that we must obtain through metrics to make strategic decisions or agile tactics.

  • Identifies macro (complete sale) and micro conversions (positive signals of buying interest).
  • Consider measuring all the touch points you have with your audiences to know what stage the consumer is at.
  • Prioritizes the indicators and metrics that add most to the business to constantly monitor them.

There are three sources from which to obtain data:

The former has a higher quality and affinity on target consumers because they are direct data, especially because of the issue of privacy controls to comply with them, as users increasingly block third-party cookie tracking.

It is important to integrate your own data with those coming from second or third parties (advertising platforms) and, once you have identified your strategic data, you can then create your audience strategy using these tips:

  • Creates and classifies the audience that is most likely to make a purchase.
  • Improve user experience according to their interests and behaviors.
  • Improves the evaluation of paid campaigns and therefore their optimization.
  • Attempts a connection between Web Analytics and results on advertising platforms with email, display and video campaign activations, search, messaging, or A/B testing.

As measurement is key to make decisions that impact business objectives, building your own audiences is a win-win for companies and users. Have you already created them? We can help you!

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