Death Wish Coffee

Taking the Grind out of Data Analysis Driving Performance with Incubeta’s Data Pipeline

“Our ability to quickly access complex key performance data has greatly increased since working with Incubeta. We’ve been successful in quickly communicating key decisions to our executive team supported by the data compiled by Incubeta.”
Mike Lorka
Director of Financial Planning and Analysis


Death Wish Coffee had various different reports running that collated data across different areas at the business that analyzed customer profiles, product line performance and overall sales trends.


This meant a lot of time was spent aggregating and analyzing these reports, and there was no way of measuring performance in a consistent way.


Death Wish Coffee wanted to find a way of aggregating this data in a centralized platform with a single source of truth from their ecommerce platform, in addition to being to use the insights for future marketing and financial planning decisions.


Death Wish Coffee (DWC) partnered with Incubeta to helped de-siloe their business data.

Before starting the project Incubeta performanced an organizational assessment to understand how DWC used their data.

Once this was complete Incubeta used their bespoke data pipeline (DPL) solution to unify their data sources and create a dashboard to visualize performance in a reliable and future-proof format.

The key steps were:

Extracting on a daily basis from key marketing and ecommerce platforms via an ETL provider into Google Cloud Data Storage

Processing and transforming the data to create a uniform structure and a single source of truth across the different channels.

Passing the data through to a Google Looker Studio as the data visualization platform.

The ingested data was also made accessible to the DWC team within Google Cloud in order for them to create any additional customized reports with the unified reports.

Overall we were able to understand up-to-date top-line performance against key sales targets, monitor trends in product sales to inform future buying decisions, and view actionable insights on a customer level to assist marketing teams and agencies with their future strategies. All data was easily accessible in a single report.

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