Using YouTube to Generate Subscribers Attracting Audiences During Lockdown


Les Mills is an international fitness brand based in Auckland, New Zealand. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Les Mills knew it needed to invest in new streams of revenue that didn’t depend on physical gym memberships. With the sudden boom in at-home fitness Les Mills’ On Demand cinematically filmed workout content offered the best opportunity to attract homebound audiences & was a natural fit for YouTube’s TrueView for Action.

Our target was simple; boost sign-ups, drive brand awareness and increase conversions for Les Mills.


Operating under a strict CPA, we used machine learning & automation to stay within budget while generating reach among qualified audiences & enhancing search performance.

We also used Video and Display campaigns to boost awareness, which contributed to a steady growth in paid subscribers, even after the initial spike of demand.

From here we tested multiple creative iterations & comparing results against a control group, identified which ads would drive the highest performance – establishing that ads with voice overs were the clear winner for promoting brand recall & awareness.

We rolled out the campaign in 40+ countries across multiple high-propensity audiences, including custom intent, in-market for fitness, & remarketing.

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