Driving 94% Growth on Amazon Achieving Best-Seller Status for Joolz


Joolz is an international baby stroller brand that has been a valued Incubeta client since October 11, 2020. By providing a comprehensive suite of services, optimizing content, and effectively managing advertising campaigns, we have played a pivotal role in Joolz’s revenue growth on Amazon. Our collaborative efforts have not only exceeded expectations but also fortified the brand’s market position. We are excited to continue working with Joolz, driving further success and expanding their presence in the e-commerce landscape.


With the objective of boosting brand presence and account growth on Amazon, our marketplace team developed a strategic marketing approach across two key pillars:

Optimized Content: We conducted an in-depth content audit and applied targeted optimization techniques, particularly for their best-selling product, the Joolz AER+ Stroller. By optimizing both the ATF (Amazon Brand Store) and A+ content, Incubeta successfully qualified for A+ premium status, which significantly improved the product’s visibility and conversion rate.

Effective Advertising: Through meticulous campaign management, Incubeta increased Joolz’s weekly advertising spend while maintaining a healthy Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and Total Advertising Cost of Sales (TACoS). This allowed us to drive greater traffic and conversions without sacrificing profitability.

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