Maximizing International Performance Going Global with Marks & Spencer


Marks and Spencer Group plc is a major British multinational retailer, that specialises in selling clothing, home accessories and food products – mostly of their own label. M&S were looking to maximise their return on ad spend, developing a system that drove performance across all 34 target markets. 

M&S wanted to drive return whilst and tapping into, and exploring new channels of revenue.


We started by developing a custom cloud-based platform that handled thousands of data points across the 200 markets to plot that specific country’s potential and complexity.

From here we developed a scoring system, and established a unique score for each market to understand the key behavioural characteristics, and potential of individual countries.

It was important that we created an easy user interface to view this data so we created a Market Matrix which categorised each market into specific tiers – based off of their individual scores.

Once we identified the potential of each individual market and placed them in the appropriate tier, we built a separate strategy and approach for each tier to maximise success.

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