Unlocking the Power of Google’s Enhanced Conversions & PMax Solutions Increasing Search Ads Conversions for Sanlam’s Life of Confidence Campaign

"For the first time in 2023 our Brand campaign strategically leveraged the full funnel to drive first-party data acquisition and leads to various business units, and it yielded exceptional results. Not only did we surpass our targets well ahead of schedule, but the data empowered us to better leverage our campaign and increase and decrease leads in line with business capacity. This success underscores the effectiveness of our approach and its ability to drive meaningful engagement and business growth."
Kelly Driscoll
Head of Demand Generation


With evolving privacy regulations and browser restrictions, users now have the autonomy to opt out of being tracked by both third-party and first-party cookies. This shift will consequently result in a decrease in our ability to accurately measure conversions. 

Enhanced Conversions is a solution that can improve the accuracy of conversion measurement and unlock more powerful bidding without relying on cookies. 

Coupled with goal based PMax, which uses Google AI across bidding, budget optimization, audiences, creatives and attribution, advertisers can access all their Google Ads inventory from a single campaign.


Utilizing Google’s Enhanced Conversions feature, we crafted a bespoke strategy to confront our client’s challenges head-on. By seamlessly integrating with Sanlam’s SA360 platform, Enhanced Conversions enabled us to refine conversion measurement while respecting user consent preferences.

We harnessed the power of Performance Max for their campaign, which utilizes machine learning to optimize across all Google channels, including Search. This not only bolstered conversion accuracy but also empowered more effective bidding strategies.

To ensure seamless data capture, we channeled first-party data captured from Sanlam’s Life of Confidence Lead Form, through to Google Tag Manager. Upon successful form submission, this hashed data was matching against Google’s logged-in user data and an enhanced conversion was reported in Search Ads 360.

This comprehensive approach enabled us to not only navigate the challenges posed by evolving privacy regulations but also drive tangible results for Sanlam’s Life of Confidence campaign.


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