Custom Bidding Mid-Funnel & Remarketing Strategies

"When it comes to ad budget management, manually finding the right bid can be a shot in the dark. The AI behind custom bidding has not only eased this challenge, but also allowed us to fully leverage our client’s data”
Lucas Onofre
Director of Client Services, Elespacio


Victorinox were seeing minimal increases in their results as their current strategy only used one floodlight per line item which was limiting the overall optimization due to the system ignorance of the different steps of the funnel.

Incubeta was tasked with developing a system that would optimize bidding and give a specific value per step of the funnel – taking into account the type of strategy (either Mid Funnel or Remarketing).


Partnering with Elespacio our strategy was split in two; Mid Funnel and Remarketing. For each strategy we developed a script using DV360s Custom Bidding feature to give a specific value per funnel stage. The script was based on Weighted Conversion type to “explain” to the system how to optimize within each stage of the funnel.

This helped the programmatic strategies to focus & optimize the investment to reach the KPI´s needed per strategy. From here Elespacio & Incubeta onboarded Custom Bidding across 8 different markets within Europe, Asia & America.

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