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As owners, suppliers, and sellers of ad space, there’s no doubt that publishers have always played a critical role within the media landscape. Today, however, publishers need to operate within a disrupted and faster-evolving market, a re-adjusted world where advertisers can no longer rely on third-party data (once the cornerstone of an effective ad), and where the standards for quality, contextualized, and data-driven ads are greater than ever.

Incubeta enables publishers with solutions and technologies designed to upgrade growth. 

Discover how we can help you innovate data strategies, uphold brand safety, improve web speed, enhance ad quality, and ensure that all your operations run as seamlessly as possible.

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Ad Manager 360 & Ad Exchange Management

Improve the way you manage sales, direct (traditional) campaigns, and open programmatic demand with Google Ad Manager 360, in combination with Google Ad Exchange.

Platform Implementation

Set-up your ad-server in a way that drives transparency and unifies teams by optimizing workflows across commercial, operational, and development departments.

Creative Templates

Offer rich media and native ad demand solutions to your clients with built-in creative templates within your ad server.

Analytics for Publishers

Use GA4 as a single source of truth across multiple teams and departments, streamlining the way you collect, analyze, report, and optimize data across your website and campaigns.

Trade Marketing

Make the most of first-party data from retailers with Trade Marketing, helping brands reach wider audiences on retailer platforms, Ad Manager 360, and the Google Marketing Platform.

Audience Extension

Build high-volume niche audiences on your website and beyond, beating inventory limitations by media buying through the Google Marketing Platform.

Yield Management

Get the highest CPM out of your impressions and optimize across direct, deal, and open market demands using our proven programmatic set-up.


Train your teams to master Ad Manager for full in-house trafficking, reporting, and optimization, accommodating professionals from beginner to advanced levels.

Google Cloud for Publishers

Build unique audiences, extra revenue streams, and CPM uplift with our cloud solutions, specifically for publishers.

Ad Operations

Ensure secure and results-driving campaigns with an end-to-end process that incorporates structured booking, advanced optimizations, and comprehensive reporting.

Tech Support

Leverage expert tech support and expertise to troubleshoot, mitigate risks, and apply best practices throughout all your ad server and deal implementations.

Reports and Dashboards

Set up your business intelligence and campaign dashboards to reflect in-depth and automated insights, enhanced by Google Ad Manager 360 and Google Data Studio.

SEO, Core Web Vitals & Page Speed Insights

Gain actionable insights into your website performance, including how to optimize your site, improve SEO results, and drive organic traffic with high-impact, low-complexity tactics.

Privacy Consult & Consent Management

Run audits, assessments, integrations, and implementations that drive privacy-safe environments, using the Consent Management Platform and Ad Manager GPT tags.
Project Publishing / NACE / Publishing

Increasing Revenue Streams with Ad Exchange & Data Insights


Project Publishing / NACE / Publishing

Doubling CPM with Google Ad Exchange & Strategic Audience Extension

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