Incubeta Ignite: Prime Day Insights

Incubeta Ignite: Prime Day Insights

Jul 7

2 Hours


Last year Amazon Prime Day saw a 45% increase in global sales, driving over $10.4 billion in estimated revenue – a figure which is expected to rise to new heights this year. There is no denying that Amazon has dominated the eCommerce space, with Prime Day being a major shopping event in the calendar.

How do you capitalize on the increased demand and take on learnings further into the summer?

Amazon Ads gives you the opportunity to show your products at the top search results, where one-third of all shoppers click through. However, higher competition means higher costs, and with Amazon, margin is everything.

What To Expect

In this personalized course, we will scrutinize your current Amazon activity through a thorough audit and take you through how to optimize your campaigns and get in prime position for the summer.


Peter Munton

Senior Performance Manager

Nat McAdam

Senior PPC Analyst

Joey Santori

Senior Analyst
  • The Rise of Amazon Advertising
    How Amazon has become so competitive Why advertising is important
  • Results of Your Customized Amazon audit
    Breakout Groups
    Main challenges with your current campaigns Why these issues should be rectified
  • Amazon Ads - Best Practices
    Campaign structure and management The different ad formats available
  • How to improve your Amazon campaigns
    Breakout Groups
    Making changes based on the outcomes of your market monitor reports.
  • How to Supercharge For Success
    Case studies & success stories from Incubeta.


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