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The Power Behind Incubeta

Operating for over 20 years, we are all too familiar with the core ingredients of our success and growth as a brand – our people. An international team of experts across marketing technology, data, media and creative, our people are the true contributors to our growth, and continue to be the driving force behind Incubeta.

Global / Industry Insight

Exploring Modern Search Preferences

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There was a time when the Google brand epitomized online search, streamlining the information-gathering process to be incredibly effortless. Remember when we used to say, ‘I’ll just Google it’? How times have changed.

EMEA / UK / Industry Insight

How to Succeed on TikTok Shop

Launching on the app in 2022, TikTok Shop has become a driving force in reshaping how brands connect with audiences. Over 30% of daily users and 29% of weekly users have used the ecommerce feature – making TikTok a ‘powerhouse platform’ for advertisers to tap into. But with such a dynamic temperament, profiting from TikTok can be easier said than done…

Global / US / Industry Insight

WTF is Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)

According to Don Draper, advertising is based on one thing: happiness. That lesson still holds true even with the advent of addressable media, data science, adtech, martech, and now GenAI. We advertisers still strive to make our clients and their customers happy using advertising to inform, delight, entertain, and ultimately capture more market share. But this happiness is no longer led by martini-fueled lunches and swag; it’s based entirely off of data.

US / Industry Insight

How to Make Every ‘Search’ Dollar Count…

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With purse strings tightening worldwide, getting the most ‘bang for your buck’ has never been more important – especially when it comes to marketing. The first to have its head on the block when budgets are slashed, marketing is fighting for its place on the table, and proving channel incrementality has become a necessity.

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