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Combining Real-Time Weather Signals with AI for The L’Oreal Group

Pushing Personalization with Seamless Creative

Combining Real-Time Weather Signals with AI for The L’Oreal Group

By combining a GEO-location DCO strategy with Seamless Creative (Incubeta’s bespoke ad personalization platform) we provided L’Oréal with the benefits of dynamic creative strategies and smart-localization, ultimately improving their customer journey with a focus on targeted insights and relevant product information. Using automation in the campaign setup, saw us decrease the time to launch campaigns by 89%. We’ve also observed a 48x increase in engagement compared to static creatives used in previous campaigns. And, as a result of continuously testing for best performing variants, we’ve seen a 56% decrease in CPA and a 193% increase in the number of customers completing the skin diagnostic. Overall, the campaigns have resulted in a 10x increase in ROAS.

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