Daring to Lead – Five Minutes with Sara Francis, Joystick’s US CEO

In the fourth instalment of our ‘Daring to Lead’ series – where we’re catching up with some of Incubeta’s female leadership team to hear their expectations for 2021 and to celebrate International Women’s Day – we spoke to Sara Francis, Joystick by Incubeta’s US CEO.

Matilda Rose Moir

Joining Joystick by Incubeta over 10 years ago, Sara discusses her expectations for 2021, and how she will be ‘Choosing to Challenge’ this International Women’s Day to promote company equality in our individual teams.

1. If you could describe yourself in three words, for the benefit of those that aren’t familiar with you, what would you say and why?  

Resourceful, Authentic, Entrepreneurial.

2. As the CEO of Incubeta Joystick, what are you most excited about in 2021 – both from a personal sense and work sense? 

From a personal sense, I’m looking forward to getting a Covid vaccine and for things to start opening up again. From a work sense I’m really looking forward to getting back into the office and having meetings in person again.

3. Where is there opportunity for growth at Joystick? 

As we more closely align with our partners and clients, the maturity level of our projects increases. This is extremely exciting to me in that it allows for many diverse areas of growth for the team. Everything from capabilities in CTV to DOOH and dynamic creative.

4. What’s in store for Incubeta Joystick in 2021, and how will you contribute to that? 

There will be a lot of change this year. In a good way. With the new addition of a US Incubeta CEO at the end of last year, we hope to accelerate and fully realize all of the opportunities that we have as part of the bigger Incubeta US group.  Our creative capabilities only get stronger with media and tech integration and as we continue to think of ourselves as one group.

5. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Choose to Challenge’ and as a female leader how will you celebrate women’s achievements, and strive for gender equality within the business?  

We have a very gender balanced business with a woman in our most senior technical position, and a creative leadership team with 67% being women. That said some of our teams are better balanced than others and I look forward to bringing more of our overall company equality into the individual teams!

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