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Incubeta, formerly Maze-One, provides end-to-end marketplace solutions to brands, enabling them to upgrade their growth through platforms such as Amazon (Verified Partner), (Gold Partner), Zalando, Mano Mano, Allegro, and more.

As a leading global marketplace expert with over sixty certified marketplace specialists, Incubeta is dedicated to activating marketplace opportunities for brands to enable them to fulfill their global potential. We offer full-service marketplace support broken down in the following key areas: Strategy & Consulting, Data & Measurement, Marketplace Operations and Media.

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Marketplace Solutions

Strategy and Consulting

Access best practices, the latest trends, and strategic advice designed to drive high ROI and increased profit, such as through our consultation on negotiations, pricing mechanics, go-to-market strategies, troubleshooting issues, and more.

Audit and Analysis

Use comprehensive audits to gain the insights you need to make data-driven management decisions, map out new growth opportunities, gain more ROI on your ecommerce spend, and improve your positioning against competitors.

Data & Measurement

We connect the dots in your marketplace activating all your data points. We measure results and analyze the impact through cloud technology like Amazon Marketing Cloud, understanding data at event level and developing advanced analysis that can deliver actionable implementations in your media strategy.

Marketplace Operations

Set-up and Integration: Thoroughly establish and optimize your vendor or seller accounts with industry best practices, internal API and EDI systems, and account integrations that automate and streamline your workflows.
Content and SEO Optimization: We design, build, and maintain brand guides that protect your intellectual property and uphold your branding across marketplaces, such as via A+(+) content, high-performing product detail pages, storefronts, and brand registry. This includes the improvement of your SEO positioning through the optimization of tracking indexability, daily data, and product listings based on audience and keyword behavior.

Marketplace Media

Drive sales and brand awareness through effective ad strategies built from a personalized methodology, effective data analysis and clustering processes, the latest ad tech, and the combination of our team’s technical expertise with our deep understanding of what drives conversion (content, fulfillment, competition). We deliver media activities related to paid search and DSP for endemic and non-endemic customers.

Thanks to Incubeta we’ve proved that by adopting a start-up mentality and pushing the right content strategy, any brand can build awareness and sales in new markets through marketplaces.


We work with Incubeta to offer the best possible experience to online consumers on marketplaces. As a result of our collaboration, we’ve benefited from the marketplace team’s huge amount of know-how and are able to decrease the additional workload of our own team.


Incubeta’s marketplace team is an excellent addition to our marketing strategy. They understand exactly what Ubisoft’s priorities are with regards to ecommerce and retail media


Incubeta has been tremendous at building our business on Amazon in the UK. In a matter of six months we were able to realize the #1 (best seller) spot in our category

Tony’s Chocolonely


Increase in Profit

Case Studies

Retail / EMEA / Retail

Building a Marketplace Strategy for BrewDog


Confectionary / EMEA / Confectionary

Driving Amazon Growth for Tony's Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolonely

Retail / EMEA / Retail

Expanding & Growing Ecommerce Sales For Delta Cafés

Delta Cafés

Retail / EMEA / Retail

Accelerating ECOstyle's Digital Strategy with



Amazon Ads
Amazon Ads
Incubeta has achieved Verified Partner status from Amazon Ads, which is awarded to agencies and tool providers that demonstrate notable expertise in offering a broad range of products and services to support advertisers on Amazon with their needs. is a Dutch marketplace and the biggest online store in the Netherlands and Belgium. Incubeta is a Advertising Certified Agency, learn more about our status and read our reviews.
Incubeta is also a Gold Partner, the highest partner status that an agency can achieve with the platform. Only the best agencies in terms of the range, diversity, and quality of the services are awarded with Gold Partner status.


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