3 Top Tips to Prepare for Hot Sale 2022

With less than a month till Hot Sale, Mexico’s largest online sales campaign where businesses across the country offer their customers discounts and exclusive promotions between May 23rd and May 31st, we’ve curated three top tips to help you streamline your digital ad strategy ahead of the 9th Hot Sale edition.

Alfredo Lárraga

According to AMVO, the Mexican Online Sales Association (the Hot Sale organizers) over 11 million shoppers participated in Hot  Sale 2021 – contributing to approximately 15.6 million sales. In fact, traffic to participating sites was registered at over 560 million site visits across the nine day event. When combining this with recent data from ad platforms; such as content saturation and investment increases, the rise in advertising could cause issues for brands hoping to participate in the Hot Sale festivities. 

Let’s consider the following. An increase in traffic, a rise in investment and significant content saturation across such a short period of time (May 23rd – 31st) means an increase in processes for advertising platforms. Standardized tasks such as reviewing and approving ads, learning periods of optimization algorithms, real-time updates, and client support management times will start to take longer to process. In fact, almost all platforms take twice as long to process information in the days leading up to Hot Sale, and up to four times as long during the nine day event, which can result in significant management issues for brands.

Advertisers can experience the following:

  • Ads not approved in time 
  • Ads approved too early 
  • Ads not approved at all due to platform policy violation (note, the platform may not warn you about this violation in time due to the ad approval and review processes)
  • Inefficient budget allocation due to a lack of active ads and ad errors taking hours or even days to be changed

With that in mind, we’ve curated three top tips to help you achieve a smooth advertising operation this Hot Sale:

1: Review the rules and policies of the ad platforms and the event

Check product policies within ad platforms that may limit sale or discount conditions about the text and visuals you use. In addition, follow AMVO’s recommendations regarding the use of its trademark in your advertisements.

Consider that you must have your company’s registration with AMVO for this event in order to use the name “Hot Sale” in your advertisements. Otherwise, some platforms may downgrade your content or even restrict your account.

2: Plan your discounts in advance and consider emergency or substitute promotions

During Hot Sale, some business situations may not go as expected. For example you could run out of inventory on your star product on the first day, or you could run out of the complementary product on a promotion before the end of the Hot Sale.

To counteract issues such as this, we strongly recommend having substitute options/offers/discounts planned in advance. Saving you time, and worry during the sale.

3: Generate and upload your ads in advance of Hot Sale.

Once you’ve considered all policies, alternatives and backups, generate all graphic and textual content for Hot Sale in advance. Ensure you do this at least one week before uploading your content to the platforms to obtain a time margin between the approval and the availability of your ads (i.e., you should have your material ready for the week before Hot Sale). If you study your policies well, you minimize your margin for error, but if you run into any problems, the one-week window of time can help you detect these issues earlier and make changes to be on time for day one of the sale.

Additionally consider uploading your alternative materials and promotions at the same time as the main material. This will help you pull down ads with promotions that are no longer valid and instantly replace them with the alternatives in a matter of a couple of clicks.

For more information on how to make the most of Hot Sale 2022, get in touch! And we’ll see you in the biggest sale in Mexico from May 23 to 31!


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